Natalia Miteva

Natalia Miteva

Natalia Miteva

Natalia discovered her passion for data while studying Communication, Media and Culture at Oxford Brookes University. Her degree was focused on research and writing, and was very demanding on how findings are presented. After graduation, Natalia landed a job at a media measurement consultancy providing qualitative and quantitative analysis for international blue-chip companies. She realised that she loved working with data and helping people understand it, and very soon wanted to do this at a larger scale. Luckily, she stumbled across The Information Lab, and after seeing the great energy and enthusiasm of the Data Schoolers at a Meet & Greet event, Natalia knew this was a match made in heaven for her.

RegEx: what, why, and how?

RegEx is a sequence of characters that defines a pattern in a text field. The characters could be words, numbers, symbols, punctuation, unicode, etc. It is used for extracting, replacing, and matching text.

Introduction to Tableau Server

During week 3 at the Data School we covered Tableau Server. Tableau Server is an online hosting platform that allows organisations to store workbooks and data sources. It provides employees with a safe space where they can collaborate and interact with Tableau content...

Five things I wish I knew about Tableau as a beginner

During the second week at the Data School, we reached Tableau Intermediate level. The coaches taught us a lot of useful features and tricks which I really wish I knew when I first started using the software. Here are my top 5: 1. The Data Interpreter The Data...

My Goals and Expectations of The Data School

Realising I have plateaued in my comfort zone at my previous job, I knew it was time to step out. My main goals for the next step in my career were to: 1) Learn2) Grow (in both professional and personal sense)3) Enjoy One day, while scrolling through my Instagram...

DS14 – Week 1 Recap

Hello! I am Natalia and I can proudly say that I am part of DS14 together with 8 others. I started my journey at the Data School on 1st April and have just completed the first week. Similar to my fellow cohortians, I will be blogging about my experiences and learning....