Neil Lord

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A long time ago in a county far, far away Neil took a data entry job in the public sector. Not having much experience with data or Excel, he quickly developed a passion for data exploration & transformation. He established himself as That Guy Who Knows Excel. Over the following decade, this prestigious title enabled him to piggyback into various roles and further develop his love for all things data.

Then one day a colleague introduced Neil to Tableau and his life changed forever. He quickly realised that this was the future and became an instant convert – and just like the Good Lord himself, he helped to spread the word to all who would listen.

Presented with the opportunity to attend The Data School and learn from the best guru’s in the world – and he leapt at the chance. Neil hopes that he too can become a data hero when he grows up.

Whilst at The Data School Neil is aiming to consume as much Tableau and Alteryx knowledge as he can and looks forward to discovering the next direction in life.

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