Niccolo Cirone

Niccolo’s data driven journey started in Italy, attempting to translate the breath-taking Italian cultural heritage into figures. His challenge consisted in starting, from scratch, the BI activities of a firm producing art exhibitions worldwide: It was ‘sink or swim’, and he fell in love swimming through data!

His hybrid educational background combines Philosophy with Management, and involved an exciting period of study in China. He is passionate about good ideas that impact people’s life, and in 2012 he has been selected by the World Economic Forum to be one of the first Global Shapers of the Rome Hub. His curiosity found its natural habitat in the Data School.

Learn Connect Enjoy: A week on Tableau Community!

  Learn - Connect - Enjoy is the slogan of the Tableau Community, and I find it really appropriate. I spent the last week having a lot of fun on the forum, connecting with people with different skill levels but with a passion (or duty...) in common: Visualizing...

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Gun deaths in the US. People beyond numbers.

Today’s Dashboard is about gun deaths in the U.S. between 2012 and 2013, using the dataset from this view from the Huffington Post: "Mapping the dead. Gun Deaths since Sandy Hook". Obviously, it is a peculiar dataset to work with, it is sad and gloomy, but really...

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Visualizing the Olympics Games

The second entry for the Data School's #DashboardWeek is about visualizing the Olympics Games from a dataset that includes all the medals given out from 1972 to 2014! I built an interactive and exploratory dashboard that allows the user to select a specific game...

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Small Data & “Interesting Things”

It’s Dashboard Week at the Data School, which means that each of us is creating a dashboard per day during the whole week! As a kick-off, we made a fun exercise about visualizing just two numbers in as many ways as possible in 30 mins. Here below you can find my...

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Tableau Tip Week – Wednesday: Dashboard navigation buttons!

The tip of today is inspired by a thought-provoking tweet by our coach and Tableau Zen Master Craig. I am still not sure about the extent to which I agree with the proposed rule. I definitely agree that we have to distinguish between the use cases for storypoints and...

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Learning Tableau, one puzzle at a time!

This week at the Data School each of us ran a training session about the topic in which we scored the worse at the Qualified Associate Certification Exam. My topic was calculations. To be honest, I actually really like calculations: they are really smart tools, and I...

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Dear diary: My first month in London… visualized!

A few days ago we learnt how to use spatial tools at the Data School: we created polygons from the Alteryx Map Input and from shapefiles, and employed them for answering business questions and building trade areas. Spatial analytics in Alteryx and Tableau can be both...

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#data15 or ‘how much one can learn in just two days!’

The last week I attended the #data15 conference in London: what an amazing experience! First, I passed the exam for the certification of Tableau Desktop v 9 Qualified Associate, after only two weeks of extensive use of the product. The fact that this exam is supposed...

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It’s all about the first week!

Wow! After an intense first week in the Data School I feel even thirstier for knowledge than when I landed London last Saturday! My curiosity received an unbelievable amount of inputs, and I now have loads of things I want to explore and deepen. But let’s take it step...

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