Nicholas Bowskill

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Nicholas had always had a keen interest in numbers and how these could represent different idea and information. Following this interest, mixed with a love of problem solving, he completed an integrated Masters in Mathematics; whilst this started off very interesting he started to become concerned with how niche the studying was becoming and saw bigger problems in the world that needed to be solved. Searching for problem solving careers, Nicholas found data analytics to be very promising and The Information Lab to be the breath of fresh air he needed.

Nicholas has always enjoyed being out in nature, he spent most of his childhood involved in the Scouting movement including being a young leader. Whilst many of the opportunities for making pointy sticks and camping in the woods may have passed for now, his love of nature has never left, he still enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing and cycling. This love has left him with the goal of using his career to have a positive impact on the environment and hoping that the use of data can be his path to this goal.

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