Nils Macher

Nils Macher

Nils Macher

Via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) Nils discovered the world of data analysis. Especially analysing the effects of anti-poverty strategies and policies fascinates him since he has worked in underprivileged communities in South Africa. He is a fan of Tableau because it helps him to tell compelling stories which raise awareness for social issues. His educational background is in Business Administration (MSc). Before joining the Data School, he worked as project management consultant in Germany.

Nils loves travelling and getting outside his comfort zone during his journeys. He plays squash, works on improving his photography skills and has a passion for cooking.

Dashboard Week: Day 5 – Public Restrooms in Vancouver

Dashboard week came to an end with a data set about restrooms in Vancouver, Canada. The data was already structured in a Tableau friendly format, so no data preparation was required. Hence, I did not create an Alteryx workflow for today’s exercise. The dimensions of...

Dashboard Week: Day 4 – MLB Baseball League

Today was another sports data set today. After having already analysed the London Prudential Race cycling data, we changed sports and dived deep into the world of baseball. Retrosheets has data about the MLB available going so far back as of 1871. The data is...

Dashboard Week: Day 2 – How Americans Spend Their Time

Today’s data set took us deep into the life of Americans. The American Bureau of Labor And Statistics publishes data about how American spent their daily time. By the minute, the days are broken down into Major Categories e.g Household Activities or Work & Work related activities. These categories are then further broken down into sub-categories.

Tableau Tip: Sets and combined Sets part II

In the first part of the parameter and sets Series I explained how these tools can help us to highlight members of a data set based on one criteria (revenue of companies).
In part 2 I will take this analysis further and demonstrate how we can identify the most shining diamond companies based on 3 criteria: Revenue, Growth and Expenses.

Quick Tip – Using cycle plots for date comparisons

Cycle plots are great for comparing date values over time. Take this chart for example: If we wanted to compare how each month performed in terms of sales over the last 4 years, this would be  difficult to do with this kind of line chart. We would have to find the...

Friday Project – Supplement application viz with additional data

Each Friday, our coaches ask to present a project which relates to the content we have learned over the period of the week. This week, our task was to supplement our application visualization with additional data. This task helped us to revisit the major topics of the week: Data preparation and joins in Alteryx.

New in London – Attended the talk of Alberto Cairo

One of the big advantages of moving to London is the huge numbers of amazing speakers who make their appearance in the city. So during my first week in London I already had the opportunity to attend the talk of Alberto Cairo, the author of the very well appraised book the truthful art.