Paul Hunt

Whilst Paul was studying for a Maths degree at Cardiff, he naturally drifted towards the more statistical modules. After finding that statistics could be related to sport, he became interested in data analytics and its application to his hobbies. Wanting to develop some more technical skills, he completed an MSc in data science at the same university, writing a dissertation on player recruitment in football. He spent a year working in the education department of the Welsh Government where he developed a love for data visualisation and applied to the Data School.

Insert a hyperlink onto your dashboard

A simple task that takes a few more steps than maybe you’d think in Tableau. Shout out to Eva Murray (@TriMyData) for this technique. Step 1 Create a calculated field containing the text you want to be clickable. Step 2 Drag the hyperlink field onto a worksheet, more...

User information icons

Add information icons to your dashboard to provide users with additional content and/or instructions to help them navigate your visualisations.

Shall we just put a line under it?

A quick and easy tutorial on how to create line shapes on your dashboard (using text box borders) which can be used to divide up your visualisation, underline titles etc.


Hey everyone, my name’s Paul and I make up one ninth of the new Data School cohort. I’ve spent my whole life feeding my vague irrational fear of the number 13. This has ranged from not putting my gym bag in locker #13 even though it’s the only one free, to...