Priya Padham

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After immersing herself in Tableau and the data community, Priya knew that this was what she wanted to pursue. In awe of the visualisations made by the community, she was inspired to develop her skills and combine her love for design with data analysis. Priya is passionate about storytelling with data, as well as creating various passion projects related to her interests.

Once she graduated from her Computer Science degree, Priya was unsure of what career path to pursue. She was then contacted by a recruiter about an opportunity at The Data School that they thought would be a good fit – this is when her journey started and how she discovered Tableau. From there, she became deeply involved in participating in social data projects such as #MakeoverMonday, as well as networking with the community. She is excited to continue learning more about Tableau and Alteryx, in addition to teaching and helping others make sense of their data.

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