Rachel Phang

Rachel Phang

After 8 years in the world of financial investments, Rachel is no stranger to the challenges of trying to make sense of data and the importance of being able to interpret it. Armed with a background in econometrics and inspired by the tale of a journalist who became an epidemiologist, she started to look deeper into the world/rabbit hole of data analysis and data science. Discovering Tableau was a revelation and resulted in the start of a new journey.

When not playing with data, Rachel can be found exploring the Brazilian martial art of capoeira or trying out a callisthenics class.

Welcome DS6!

Welcome DS6, here are some things to think about and what to look forward to for the next 4 months!


DS5’s Dashboard Week draws to a close with a dashboard-only day on a dataset on Coach Andy’s runs.

No macro this time, so I was the batch

No macro this time (though one would have been appropriate) in this mostly data-cleaning exercise with UN Excel data on international migration over the past 25 years for day 2 of DS5’s Dashboard Week.