Reshika Chilakapati

Reshika graduated from Queen Mary University with BSc in Physics. She truly discovered the value of data analytics whilst doing her dissertation on barocaloric materials, where the impact of her work helped improve the environmental impact of fridges. Seeing the real-life outcomes that analyzing this data had, inspired her to pursue a career in this [data]. Using Origin Pro and Python to complete the data analysis. During her time at university, she also completed a student consultancy project - which involved working with a client to conduct market research for their new business plan. This intrigued Reshika to pursue a career in the field of consultancy but wanted to utilize her data analytical skills. After university, Reshika spent her time working in customer service which allowed her to develop her time management and communication skills by answering customer queries.

When Reshika came across Tableau and the Information Lab, she enjoyed the creative aspect of designing dashboards and representing data in an easy format. Now, she is a part of DS 39. At the Data School, Reshika has worked with many different companies – ranging from wealth management firms to sports teams. She has consistently demonstrated that she can solve complex problems, adapt to new challenges and communicate ideas clearly. She enjoys using her creativity to design dashboards and deciding the best way to visualize the data depending on the audience. Completing these projects involved creating different dashboards which were aligned to the user's needs and experience with Tableau and data cleaning with Alteryx and Tableau Prep. Reshika also used SQL to extract data from an API and parse JSON. She also has completed a project management task where she regularly communicated with the client to understand their needs and delegate her cohort for the final product.

In her personal development time, Reshika has completed Alteryx and Data Preppin' challenges to solidify her data cleaning skills which could then be used to visualize in Tableau. This has allowed her to complete her micro and core credentials in Alteryx. She also takes on feedback from her Makeover Mondays and improves her dashboards by creating wireframes and implementing different techniques into Tableau.

In her free time Reshika enjoys playing video games and digital art, where she completed commissions by understanding what her customer's wants and needs are.

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