Robert Headington

Robert Headington

Robert Headington

After completing his master’s in mathematics in 2014, Robert found how much he loved working with data while working for an audit company that specialised in finding exceptions and missed funding for clients. This gave him a desire to build a career in data analysis and when he came across Tableau, Robert became hooked on using visualisations to display insights from data. After playing around with tableau and meeting people involved in the data school, Robert knew that it was the perfect place for any inspiring tableau user to start their career.

Dashboard week? day 3: Playing with a new tool

So our dashboard week is a little weird as it's not on a single week but taking part whenever we can due to the amount of bank holiday's we have during our 4 months training. Today we were looking at baby name data using a tool that none of us had ever used before:...

Using Regex to find key information from a free input text field

Preppin data week 5 spoilers ahead. Complete the challenge (you don’t need Regex) before you read! On Tuesday, we learnt what Regex is and how we can use this in Tableau, Tableau Prep and Alteryx. So when I saw that Regex could be used to help solve this week’s Preppin data challenge, I saw this as a great chance to practice using Regex and my Tableau Prep skills at the same time.

Small tips to reduce changes in Tableau Prep

While completing this week’s Preppin data challenge, I noticed a couple of small things that would reduce the number of changes listed in Tableau prep. I feel this can be useful as I find it is less daunting to look at what is happening in a tool when it has 10 or...

Tableau server permissions part 1 – Assigning permissions

So, you’ve setup everyone onto Tableau server from your organisation to the correct ‘Site’ but now you have a problem: some of the content on the server is sensitive and should not be accessed by everyone. With Tableau’s server permissions, you can a make sure that the correct people are seeing the content that is right for them.

How is Tableau server organised?

Yesterday, we had our introduction to Tableau server and covered quite a lot in a day. One of the things we looked at in the beginning was how Tableau server was structured. The above shows an example of how things can be arranged in Tableau server. At the lowest...

Combined axis vs dual axis.

For most visualisations that I have created, if I have wanted to add in other measures into the view, I have generally used a dual axis to do this. However, there are reasons why you should use a combined/shared axis in some cases. What is a dual axis? A dual axis...

What I hope to get out of the data school

Andy suggested that we could do a blog post based on what you want to achieve from the experience. So, I thought I’d go with this idea to help me have a reference point to look back on and to explain to future data schoolers some of the things you can look to get out of the experience.