Theo Isaac

Having quit his previous editorial role to travel for 5 months, on his return he decided to apply to the Data School. Having only ever used Excel and R programming language for data visualisation, learning Tableau during the application process showed him how powerful a software it was.

His interests include Tennis, football, ultimate frisbee and environmental conservation.

Friday Project Woes

If you are lucky enough to join the Data School, you will immediately realise that you are in for an incredible, but very intense, first few months! The sheer amount of new information you receive can be quite overwhelming, with multiple software training being taught...

Preppin’ Data Solutions in Alteryx: Week 6

For my first blog, I thought it would be interesting to describe how my mind worked at the very start of my Alteryx journey, in addition to providing mine and my fellow DS18 member Angelos' workflow. This being (basically) my first Alteryx work flow, please excuse for...