Thomas Luthi

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After a master’s degree in English and Business Administration at the university of Bern, Switzerland, Thomas worked as a linguist and actor before joining the Data School. Fed up with endless auditions and nonsensical machine translations, he decided to focus his creative energy on a new career path. When he came across the Data School, he knew he had found the perfect place to combine his passions for storytelling and information technology.

Throughout his career he kept a creative outlook on the world, finding new approaches to problems and presenting his work in a manner that engages his audience. The joy of finding new insights, breathing life into numerical data and making complex issues easy to grasp is what got him hooked on Tableau.

In his private life, Thomas is a jack of many trades although his mastery is questionable at best. He loves language, history and the creative arts and he likes to think of himself as a decent cook.

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