Tom Gould

Tom, a graduate from the University of Bristol's MSc Economics with Data Science program where he received a distinction, joined the Data School to pursue his passion for uncovering patterns within complex datasets. With an eye for analysis, he thrived in exploring data to extract meaningful and valuable insights.

During his tenure at the Data School, Tom contributed his expertise to diverse projects spanning various industries such as wealth management, sports, and property finance. In these endeavours, Tom skillfuly used Tableau Prep to amalgamate disparate datasets, enabling the creation of a comprehensive logbook featuring up-to-date property valuations. This invaluable resource facilitated the identification of market trends. Furthermore, Tom employed his advanced visualisation skills to develop tailored financial strategies based on client data, establishing a robust framework for implementation.

Tom's proficiency extends beyond Tableau and Alteryx, having demonstrated competence in other areas such as writing SQL queries in Snowflake, performing data analysis using R and Stata, and interpreting app usage trends through Google Analytics.

Overall, Tom's extensive skill set and experience make him a valuable asset in the field of data analysis, allowing him to excel in delivering comprehensive solutions to complex problems.


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