Tom Prowse

Tom graduated from Aston University with a BSc in Business & Computing, and then worked as an account manager for an ERP reseller. When speaking to his various clients, he realised how important data was to their businesses which prompted his career change into the data world.

Having never had much technical exposure, during his degree or working experience, he realised that The Data School was the perfect opportunity to get the kickstart his career with in the data industry with the best possible training in Tableau & Alteryx. During his time here, he is hoping to get the skills and ability to create analysis on a wide range of topics. He is especially keen on sports analytics, in particular his favourite team football team, Liverpool.

Project No. 1… The Reviz

Hello! I’m Tom and I’ve recently joined The Data School in DS14. I thought this would be a great time to reflect on my experiences from my first week and tell you a little bit about my first project on Friday.