Viktoriia Slaikovskaia

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Viktoriia has always been passionate about maths and analysing data.  She graduated from Siberian Federal University with a Civil Engineering bachelor degree with first-class honour. She used to work in a Mechanical Engineering role in the biggest salt company in Russia. In the past, she learned web development, Python, SQL. Last year, she got an IBM professional Data Science certificate.
She found out about The Information lab from a friend and decided to join. She was surprised by how easy and beautiful visualizations can be. She wished she had found it earlier.
In her free time, she likes to walk around, explore cities and enjoy nature. Furthermore, she used to dance from her early childhood till ending the university.

Some interesting facts:
In school, she got a regional gold medal in athletics.
Walked 50 km on Lake Baikal ice.
Jumped from 45 m bridge.
Sky wire slide from 600 m.

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