Wiktoria Rudz

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Wiktoria combines data analytics expertise with a strong marketing background, having been a marketer for 7 years. She led international teams developing FMCG products, launching and growing profitable brands in the European market.

Having regularly trained as a basketball player for over 10 years, Wiktoria joined the Academy of Physical Education, completing a Master diploma. As her interest leant towards business she also joined the Warsaw School of Economics and completed a Master’s Degree in Management.

During her professional career, she witnessed businesses struggling with data complexity at all levels of an organisation. When first introduced to Tableau, she immediately realised how beneficial the software can be for companies. Based on her experiences, she strongly believes Tableau can help every organisation to easily identify growth and optimisation opportunities, as well as trigger the right decisions to drive profit growth. She decided to leave her marketing career and dedicate to learning Alteryx and Tableau to subsequently be able to help organisations grow by using their data. Her business experience allows her to effectively communicate with managers and easily understand their needs, and her design skills help with building visually efficient dashboards.

When she’s not exploring the world of Business Intelligence she explores the real world and knows Warsaw, Barcelona and San Francisco like the back of her palm.

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