Will Griffiths

Will became interested in data analysis whilst at University, especially when having to visualise data on a weekly basis for various business presentations.

As a keen user of Football Manager (1000+ hours!), Will is subject to large datasets both in a professional and personal environment, making sense of this data is a key to success in both fields.

Will has worked in Digital Marketing, an environment where Excel pie charts reign supreme and is looking to the Data School to guide him down the path of redemption.

He enjoys playing many sports, including Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, Football and many more. Watching football is a big passion of Will’s and he hopes to see Tottenham Hotspur win the title soon!

My First Placement – A Personal Journey

The Start of the Journey Nearly 6 months ago I was ready to start probably the biggest challenge of my working life so far, my first Tableau consultancy placement after only 4 months using the software! To make matters even more challenging I had just stepped off a...

Finding the best burrito in San Diego

For my "viz at home" this week I found an interesting dataset all to with a 10 dimensional burrito rating system in San Diego. As some of the Information Lab are in San Diego at the moment I thought it would be the best timing to create a viz allowing them to find the...