by Bona Wang

I started at The Data School on the 1st of April, where thankfully I found out that it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. I was a little bit nervous on Monday, but this was quickly dispelled as everyone here is really nice and super friendly (even Andy).

During the first week, we were introduced to the main products used at The Information Lab; Tableau, Tableau Prep Builder, and Alteryx Designer. On Thursday I decided to have a go at doing the Tableau QA exam from the brief introduction here as well as all the experience I picked up doing Makeover Mondays. I prepared by doing a mock the night before and was happy to have passed in the real exam with 90%! (Prepare yourself for another blog post about how I prepared for it in more detail)

On Friday, we improved an old viz of ours. I picked my first ever viz, which was my application viz! We only had 3 hours to do it, so it really was a test of things we learnt and could produce quickly. I’ve progressed a lot since then and learnt what are the best practices and even groaned out loud in shame at some of the simple no-no’s I committed back then.

Here is the first viz before and after:

My first ever viz! Very busy/messy!
Iterated version with supplemented date. Much cleaner!

Seeing the difference really puts into the perspective how much I have improved, and how much more I’m capable of producing in such a short amount of time.

Check out the interactive versions on my tableau public page.

Sorry about the forced title, wanted to make a literary reference but I couldn’t think of a good one. I promise my future blog posts will have more straightforward titles.

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