The final day is here.

Today’s data was about powerlifters, and since we only had half a day to produce our dashboard, little (no) data prep was required.

Since we only had to focus on dashboarding, I quickly came up with a lot of ideas which took up my first hour. Then I slowly wanted to refine what I wanted to build. I had a few ideas that I kept around but were quite complex to do in the short time span. (eg. violin plots)

One of my views tried to draw about 48 million marks… which almost broke everything

Eventually I kept it simple, 2 charts with 1 being the main focus and another histogram for context. A variation on the peas in pods charts I like, except this time the pods are the box plot area.

Link to Tableau public

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this week went. A lot of fun new things were tried and experimented with. New software, interesting limitations to overcome, and 5 new dashboards.