The Brexit Challenge at DS3

by Borja Leiva

So last Friday we woke up to the results of the Brexit Referendum and here at DS3 we were very interested in learning and analysing the results for several reasons, the main one being that 4 out of 8 DS3 members are Non – British EU citizens, me included.

So what was the logical thing to do?

Andy Kriebel soon announced that it would be a good idea to postpone our scheduled presentation for that day and he set a new challenge to make a viz about Brexit and present it to all DS3 and whoever decided to join in online that same day. Easy, right?

I must admit that I was not happy with what I presented to everyone last Friday so I spent a bit more time this weekend to design my viz on Brexit. So, yes I have cheated!!

My viz was focusing on the financial aspects of Brexit. After different ideas and with pressure building up as I didn’t find a data set that attracted me, I decided to focus on the tourism industry in the UK and how important it is to the UK’s economy at the moment. By presenting the current situation of the industry the question followed easily; how will Brexit affect tourism in the UK? Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to that question right now but one thing is clear and that is that inbound tourism from EU countries is a very important contributor to the UK’s economy.

Here it is the final result of my viz about Inbound Tourism in the UK. This is more an infographic rather than a dynamic dashboard but still designed and developed entirely in Tableau.



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