by Borja Leiva

Wednesday 11/05/2016, around 5:30pm, all the components of the DS3 finally made public our first Makeover Monday Project!

The first days at DS3 can feel a bit overwhelming, mainly due to the pressure we put on ourselves, but with the support of all The Information Lab community they turned out to be great fun too. We have drawn massive visualization with jumbo crayons, we were lucky enough to have James Eiloart (Vice President of EMEA region at Tableau Software, Inc.) pay us a visit, we have already eaten our body weight in donuts, and believe or not, eventually we got to use Tableau!!!

Once our projects went public you could see in our faces an expression of relief, but mostly a big smile. We smiled because it felt as our first little victory. The first of many more to come for this amazing group.

I am so looking forward to the next 4 months. It is going to be awesome!

Thanks to The Information Lab community for making us feel at home!