Tableau Time Saver || Add Filters to Multiple worksheets at once!

by Brandon Fitz-Gerald

Adding filters to worksheets can be a particularly laborious task (At least in my experience. Even more so if you’re adding the same filters to multiple worksheets! “If only there was a quicker way!” I hear you ask. Well never fear reader, there is! Let’s use Tableau Superstore to show you how.

Figure 1: Map filtered to South and East Regions.

In the image shown above I’ve applied a filter to the Map worksheet to only show states in the East and South regions. I also want to add this filter to my “State by Sales” and “State by Profit” worksheets.

To do this, right click on your filter in the filters shelf, choose “Apply to Worksheets” and then whichever option is most appropriate to your needs. (I’ve applied to All worksheets using This Data Source).

I hope this saves you just a little bit of time when putting together your next workbook with multiple filters.