Tableau Time Saver | Change worksheet actions to Dashboard actions.

by Brandon Fitz-Gerald

I know that something I’ve been guilty of, especially early on in my training, is adding actions to new worksheets to enable the desired interactivity for users. But wait, that’s a good thing right? Well yes ….. until you move that worksheet into a dashboard and suddenly those beautifully formatted worksheet actions don’t work anymore.

Disaster?!? Well not quite. You don’t have to create those actions again as dashboard actions, you can change the ones you’ve already made in two quick and easy steps.

Step 1|

Go to the worksheet you have created your actions on. From the worksheet menu select actions. This will bring up the following box.

Figure 1: Select Worksheet actions

Step 2|

Select your desired action and choose edit. In the new window change the source sheet of this action to the dashboard you’re concerned with.

It’s that simple! Your carefully formatted worksheet action has now become a dashboard action.

I hope you’ve found this tip helpful and it saves you (a little bit) of time going forward.