Dashboard Week - Day 3 :

by Burcu Aksakal

Another day for 'Dashboard Week'.
Every member of DS24 were task to choose only one of the Risk Factors for Noncommunicable Diseases and download values for that specific factor for each counties by using Alteryx, then create a dashboard on Tableau Desktop.

The website we need to extract from: https://www.ncdrisc.org/data-downloads.html

Step 1

-I decided to choose 'Cholesterol' as a factor. Other factor shown below;

-Found the URL information from website which I needed to extract the data  https://www.ncdrisc.org/downloads/chol/individual-countries/

-On the website we could download the data for only one country at a time, so I right click the screen and select 'inspect', the found out country names which the website use.

-My plan was to append all counties at the end of URL then download all the data at the same time.

Step 2

Saved all the information given about counties in one text input, and URL in another. Did some cleaning to get only county names from the text.

Step 3

Append the county names to the URL, and download the data by using download tool.

Step 4

Data I have downloaded needed data preparation. After getting fields formatted, output the file as .hyper file.

Step 5

Created the dashboard by using .hyper file.