by Charlie Scammell

So Today’s challenge was the ‘No Tableau’’ day of dashboard week, we were given a relatively clean data set from open data.org on Consumer Complaints and told to choose from a list of other visualization software, so the software I chose to use for today’s project was Power BI.

We began by presenting our dashboards from the past 2 days which took up a chunk of time this morning, so we lost a couple of hours. To start tackling the project I began by using tableau prep to split out the Long and Lats in the data, then pull out the time of day from the create date to use later on. Since this data was already pretty well structured this didn’t take up a huge amount of time this morning.

I downloaded Power BI for the first time and set about trying to familiarize myself with the software using online tutorials and spending half an hour just messing around with the tools, there are some useful resources in the software but over all the restrictiveness of Power BI was a challenge today.

Once I had a rough idea of what I wanted to show in my dashboard I set about fleshing it out and focused in on the specific issues raised in complaints and the different methods they are received via mobile, online etc.

Over all today wasn’t too challenging but was useful to spend time using other software to experience how others work but also it gave me much more of an appreciation for Tableau.

Completed dashboard:


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