High expectations…Thoughts after my Second day at The Data School (DS16).

by Charlie Scammell

My expectations from the Data school Course are very high, listening to others who have been part of the course and words of advice from the core team it seems you will get out of the course what you put into it. 

What I expect to get out of the Data School, is to vastly expand my understanding of Tableau and Alteryx, and to increase my number of Tableau Dashboards to help build up my ‘personal brand’. My goals to take away from training are:

  • Become a lot more confident in my understanding of Tableau and Alteryx
  • Pass both the Tableau and Alteryx exams
  • Build my personal brand with consistent dashboards and blogs etc.
  • Learn how to give professional standard presentations and teaching
  • Learn how to properly write a blog…

Regarding how difficult the course can get, the word ‘intense’ seems to keep popping its head up, so I expect at some point the work will seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of reassurances that everyone will experience this and that the opportunities the course opens will be more than worth it. So just stick it out and put in the work. I hadn’t given much thought on what to expect after The Data School finishes, fortunately the chance of securing a job in life after The Data School is drastically increased by your placements and again personal branding.

Getting back to the topic of this blog I expect to learn amazing new things during my time here, including getting over some of my own setbacks like focusing too much on every detail of a viz, making it more of a challenge than needed, learn to walk away from a viz! Bringing my confidence up a little more would be a great help especially when it comes to networking and building relationships both in and out with the data school.


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