Dashboard Week - Day 3!

by Christopher Marland

We’ve now past the halfway mark – I am halfway through dashboard week! Woo!

Today was probably the hardest day yet. The data we were using just wasn’t formatted in any way that made sense, it came in file types we didn’t recognise, and the documentation surrounding the data was confusing and looked like it was trying hard to be.

Nevertheless, I eventually managed to download it (at some time around 11am) and desperately ran into the data on Alteryx.

My workflow was quite simple (not because the data was in a good condition, but because I decided that, since it’s dashboard week, I was willing to tolerate a lot of mess). Nonetheless, I did write this HUGE if statement to allocate states to their code.

In building the dashboard I did come across some trouble calculating the quartiles. It was eventually pointed out to me that if I am trying to average states within states – I will always get one. What I really wanted to do was average households within states.

SSUID is a unique identifier for each household that responded to the survey.

Once that problem has been surmounted, everything swam along just fine and here is the final product!


Christopher Marland

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