Super Useful Resources when Learning Tableau Server

by Christopher Marland

DS17 have spent the Christmas weekend studying for our Tableau Server Certified Associate exams. Exciting stuff! Here we’d like to share a big directory of all the Tableau Server resources we’ve been using during our studies in the hope that they might help you too.

First of all, this PDF is incredibly helpful:

Anything to do with baseline configurations or default processing configurations:

Technical specifications:

STMP (email):

Ports, ports and more ports!

This is what we call ART.

That big long list of processes, what does it all mean?

Workflow processes – so tricky, but worry not, Ravi to the rescue!!/vizhome/TableauServerProcessScenarios/ServerArchitectureFlow

Database drivers, what are they? How do you install them? LOOK HERE!


What’s a cube?

How the hell do I even install Server?


Trusted authentication:





Ok that’s enough authentication…

Tableau Server Manager:

LOG FILES, you need to know this!!

Customise it, make it pretty, make it HOT:

Don’t like your co-workers? Change their permissions!

Techno, techno A P I!!

SSL – need to know it!

What the hell are your co-workers doing with their licenses?

Look after your Tableau Server Manager, cherish it, maintain it:


Christopher Marland

Fri 10 Jan 2020

Thu 09 Jan 2020

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