National Student Survey and University Rankings: Internal Project

by Craig Steven

DS19s project last week was to collect both NSS and University rankings data then display this data in a way that’s easily digested by the viewer. Using the data, we created two dashboards for each NSS and Uni rankings. One was an overview dashboard and the second an interactive dashboard where an individual university can be compared to another University or University group.

Data Prep

The data collected from Times Higher Education and The Guardian was collected by scraping and utilising macros in order to collect all the data from different pages of the website. This can be seen in Carmen’s alteryx workflow linked bellow.!app/UK-Universities-ranking-with-all-subjects/5eba5b7d0462d70bc0b7a02c

The NSS data was much easier to collect as the different excel files can be easily downloaded from the website. However this data still needed a lot of work, cleaning each file and then joining the data to be able to view no just the current year but all of the archived years as well. This can be seen in Joe’s Alteryx workflow in the link bellow.!app/Combining%2BNSS%2Bdata%2Byears/5eb429748a93371140b13243

Tableau Dashboards

Bellow are the links to the dashboards created in the project. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the dashboard on tableau public.

University Rankings Dashboards

Firstly the University Rankings Dashboards starting with VIkash’s overview dashboard.

Next is Jess’s dashboard where the user is able to select a specific university to compare to the rest of the ranked universities.

National Student Survey Dashboards

Tim and SIjia created the overview dashboard using the NSS data.

Lastly Hannah’s dashboard displaying all the NSS data for a specific uni.