Parameter Actions Highlighter Hack

by Craig Steven

When ever i am using set or parameter actions when i click on my measure to change my action it highlights the text and can sometimes mean that you need to click twice to change the parameter. There is nothing more annoying than having to click twice to change your parameter.

In this blog i am going to show you how to fix this pesky highlighting and you will never have to click twice to change you parameter or set action.


Firstly you need to have your Parameter action set up if you dont know how to do this there are lots of great blogs to read through and learn how. The example i will use in this blog is from a Skiing data set. Im going to create two calculated fields, the first called Dummy and the second called Dumber. Fill both of these calculations with any string you choose. Just make sure you tell tableau its a string by sandwiching it between ‘s. For example ‘Craig’ would work but Craig wouldnt work in this case.

My measures set up in my parameter action.
First calculated field
Second Calculated field


Now you add the Dummy field you created to the detail on the marks card. Do not add both calculated fields.


Once you have done that click on the Worksheet options in the top left of the screen and then on actions.

You open the actions box, next select add action and pick filter.


Pictured bellow is how you need to configure your filter acton. The source sheet should only have a tick on the sheet with your parameter action measures and nothing else. Then make sure run action on select is selected and to show all values when clearing the section. In Target Filters pick selected fields and then Add Filter.


Bellow is how you configure this filter. Your source field should be Dummy (the field that is on detail in the marks card) and in target you want your Dumber field.

This process should fix any pesky highlighting and double clicking and will help your parameter actions look cleaner.