Dashboard Week Story Day 3? - How have people been misspelling my name?

by Débora Contente

I am so confused with our Dashboard Week. It was not a Dashboard Week (we only got 2 days in the official week and 1 today), the first day was more of an Alteryx Day, the second day was actually a Dashboard day, and today it was a Story day. However, moving on from that, it has been really fun!

The tool

Today’s task was to move away from our dear Tableau and play around with Flourish, which is a free tool that lets us build interactive, responsive, and embeddable vizzes and data stories, all within the browser using our own data.

The data

We were given a website where we could get data about Baby names in England and Wales. I used the data from 1996 to 2016 and I still had to filter it in some way, given that Flourish works best with datasets with less than 10000 rows.

My topic

As I had to filter the data in some way, I thought I would look at names similar to mine (given that mine do not appears!) and ended up with exploring How people have been misspelling my name.

What I liked about Florish

The transactions are just amazing! I was insanely surprised when I saw all the examples. They are really nice to look at.

You can add images, videos, and even music!

You can see the example and that way you will know exactly how your data needs to be shaped.

The overall of the design is beautiful to look at.

What I did not like about Florish

The row limit… I made the mistake of trying to use the complete dataset and it just broke Florish. It really does not work with huge datasets.

You need to shape your data for every chart. If you want to create more than one visualisation in order to create your story, it is probable that each will need your data to be shaped differently, which is kind of annoying…

You can’t save a colour palette so you will need to assign the colours you want every time…

My final result

I genuinely enjoyed playing around with Florish and discovering a new tool. It was a breath of fresh air using such a different one!

Feel free to look at my final story: