My Favourites of the Data School, without any order

by Débora Contente

I am not making a great introduction on this one because I don’t really feel like getting emotional. Our time is coming to an end. Bla Bla Bla. Let me just rewind some of the great things that happened during these 4 months.

DS Meet & Greet

Hanna, Kolsuma and I had the opportunity to present at one of the DS Meet & Greets. Kolsuma and I did a Tableau demo and Hanna did an Alteryx one. We even joined the presentations together – Hanna demonstrated how to use an API to get Game of Thrones data and Kolsuma and I used that data to build a Dashboard. It was during an intense week – it was crazy. But really rewarding as well. It was the first time that we could actually answer other people’s questions and share our DS knowledge. It was great.

Learn What the Data School Learns

I have mixed feelings about this one. It was stressy, challenging and I hated it. But at the same time, I learnt so much that there is no way I didn’t love it at the same time.

Friday Project with Andre

I think that there is no one that is not excited about Web scrapping and using APIs! Andre was the one that taught us how to do it and we even got the chance to work on a project chosen by him that would include it. The projects were all great and it was a helpful way of consolidating our knowledge.

Dashboarding with Andy

It was not long ago that we got to learn Coach Andy’s process of building a Dashboard. That session was mindblowing and extra helpful for me.

Cats and Dogs wich Carl

I can’t explain this one much because I expect this story to be passed on to every cohort! If I talk about it in here, it won’t be as funny and good to future cohorts. It was a great revelation and learning experience though.

Shadowing Steph

At the Data School, we get the opportunity to shadow someone that is already in Placement/from the Core Team to get an idea of how it may be when we get to that stage. I was lucky and got the chance to shadow Steph at PWC. The experience was incredible and I got to see and help on how a day in a Consultant’s life can be.

My mentor Sophie

I keep telling everyone that my mentor is the best ever and that is so absolutely true that I could not mention it in here. At the Data School, we are assigned mentors that will help us in anything they can and that is what Sophie absolutely does! From helping me to prepare for presentations, giving me feedback on projects, advising me in every way possible to having lunch with me regularly, these are just a few of the things she helps me with!

Chatting Rubbish

Besides learning, we also get loads of fun. Our cohort is the best I could ask for and we do spend the majority of time chatting rubbish. You should read Hanna’s blog post on her peaks of the data school – she talks about this one as well.

There was a moment where Ben actually told us off, and this was one of my favourite moments!!! We were talking about Seaweed, by the way. And Soap is one of our favourite topics!


Lastly, but the biggest of them all – learning. If I had to pick only one, this would be it as it is really broad. Having the opportunity to learn everything I’ve learnt – not only the Tableau and Alteryx skills but also all the soft skills – how to present, how to communicate, how to manage a project… This was the most valuable thing I could get.