Dashboard Week: Star Wars Statistics

by Edoardo Aversa

For today's challenge DS25 was tasked to work on data about Star Wars, including all kinds of demographics about the people that responded, with sections for each movie and for each character.

The data was in the form of a 268 pages PDF, and we had to split into two groups: half of the people will look at the movies and the other half will look at the characters.

After having downloaded the data, Ollie Matthews and I looked at the tables 103-177 for the individual characters, and I specifically dealt with cleaning up the fields' structure, which originally looked like this:

For the preparation I used the following steps:

And this is the final data:


  • Understanding the structure of the original data and tables and how to import it in Alteryx;
  • There were a lot of unknown characters () that were instead of the value "1", as well as "-" instead of brackets that needed replacing;
  • Cleaning up the data required a lot of trial and error and an extensive use of Multi-Field Formula tools.

[Picture by Tommy van Kessel 🤙 on Unsplash]