Great Expectations

by Elena Caric

On the 12 of June  me and the DS6 team went on what I’m sure will be an exciting journey! The hype is real! Seeing how previous DS members have written about their expectations, I figured I should do the same. So here is a brief overview of my expectations from the DS training and placements.
I expect to learn a lot from Andy and our coaches. Acquired technical and soft skills will be the base for me and my team’s success. I’ve read similar blog posts and they all state the experience will be quite intensive, driving us out of the comfort zone and pushing our limits. I must admit this sounds scary on an emotional level, but also, I know pressure is the best way to build your skills and be successful.
Now this goes without saying but I obviously expect to learn a lot about Tableau and Alteryx. Additionally, things like data visualization best practices, dashboard design, presenting skills I imagine will be a top priority.
However, learning about Tableau and Alteryx, at least in my view, won’t make anyone in the team an absolute master in the craft. There will be always newer and more innovative ways to analyse data, latest ideas how to visualize and software updates. These will be effectively changes that require continuous learning. My main goal for the Data School is to get into the habit of taking ownership of my own learning process. It will serve me well beyond the classroom.
From the placements with client companies I expect to learn a lot about how data and business analytics function within an organization. This will be the most important aspect of my work, allowing my knowledge to be implemented practically within a company and bring value. The knowledge is crucial, but even more important is how we implement it, this is where the real success lies. So, what do I expect from the placements? For starters it will be hands-on, dynamic and will require flexibility and critical thinking. Beyond that my expectations aren’t clear.
The DS members I’ve met were amazing people. I’m sure DS6 will also be a wonderful team where we will learn from each other, share ideas and lend support when needed. Finally, I expect to have lots of fun and make some friends in the process.