Wine or beer fan? Dashboard Week Challenge Day 2

by Elena Caric

Day two of Dashboard week had a weekend feeling to it. Andy has given us 2 topics to choose from: beer or wine. For the one, we picked we would need to get the data, analyze and post our work on Tableau Public. After thinking about it for 0.1 seconds I decided to go with Team Wine. Without further delay, this is how the day went by.



Getting the data

For Team Wine the data was provided, available on Kaggle. The Beer Team had to find and call an API to get the data. In the aspect of data availability, the Beer Team had a more challenging task. The trick with the Wine Team came from what was inside the data. P.S. There must be a trick, we’ve learned this by now.

We had data on a variety of wines, wineries, and countries along with price and overall satisfaction score for the category. However, there was also data collected from a survey which was basically a text response from people who participated. My initial thought was that I’m happy to do a sentiment analysis as it is very. Companies often have this type of data and struggle to find meaning in it.

Preparing the data

On this step, I must admit that I took a wrong turn. Initially, I went into Alteryx and separated the whole text creating new rows for each word. Then I brought in a dataset with common English words and filtered out the matches. All looked well until I brought this data in Tableau and realized that I cannot take out any meaning from the words. My plan to count instances when certain words appeared simply did not work as I didn’t have enough words repeating. That was at least an hour that was lost. I will consider this practice time, even though in bad timing as the challenge clock was ticking.

Back to work, I decided to do a Sentiment Analysis using an Alteryx Macro that existed in our team. After getting the Macro and fixing it to work from my data things went uphill. I had the data cleaned quickly and ready to be analyzed.

The Dashboard

For my story, I went with an overview on the wines from Macedonia. I remember that the quality was good and I really enjoyed my home wine selection. So, I went in and analyzed what people thought of some of the Macedonian wines offered. For details and a look at my dashboard on the topic please follow the link: