The Alteryx Essentials

by Ellen Blackburn

Day 2 began with attempting to understand the very basics of Alteryx. Our first day was filled with jokes about how tricky these first few weeks of wrangling new software can be, so we were all expecting a challenge.

After a few exercises to help learn the fundamentals, we were plunged into the deep end, attempting to glean readily usable data from a poorly made spreadsheet table. After 20 minutes of confusion and varying levels of progress, Carl took us through a demonstration.

Following this, Alteryx already became a lot easier to navigate. As many of us are users with limited experience, we were all surprised with the improvement we were able to make with the next, more complex spreadsheet we undertook, being able to utilise the cross-tabulation tool that even Carl called ‘tricky’.

Based on today, it’s clear the learning curve will be a steep one.

See my viz here:

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