Dashboard Week- Day 1 Survey Data

by Ellie Carter

Dashboard week is FINALLY here! After the first day I can’t decide whether I am happy about that or not.

Our challenge today was to download the data from Design Census 2019 using this link https://designcensus.org/, thank goodness it didn’t involve any web/pdf scraping today but I have no doubt that the Andy and Carl have that up their sleeve for later this week.

I downloaded the raw data excel file from the website and then inputted it into Alteryx. After recapping on Pablo’s blog from DS1 ( see bottom of page ) on how to approach survey data, and having a look at the different columns in Alteryx I knew I would have to pivot the data in order to get all the responses to the different survey questions, I used the Text to Rows tool to do this. By looking at my Alteryx workflow, you can see that I first added a record ID so that I could keep track of my respondents, and it would also allow me to use the Summarise tool and group by Record ID throughout my workflow just to double check that I wasn’t gaining/losing any responses.

After scanning through the data, I chose to focus on the respondents that had answered ‘Am starting up something’ when asked if they did any side work. I then wanted to investigate whether these individuals were starting up their own business as a result of feeling unsatisfied with their current position, and what type of individuals were doing it.

Here is my Alteryx workflow:

Alteryx Workflow

It was then time to move into Tableau. I decided to split my dashboard into two, one half focusing on the questions relating to attitude towards current employment, and the other half looked at career profile.

Here is my final dashboard!

Final Tableau Public Dashboard
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