Dashboard Week- Day 2

by Ellie Carter

In my blog yesterday I said that I was waiting for Andy and Carl to set us a challenge that made us scrape the data from a website- well today was the day! The task was to download all of the rules in Parliament from 1811 using the download tool in Alteryx and not to cheat by just downloading the csv.

After getting off to a reasonable start, the hurdles came when trying to extract the different rules from within one ‘SO’ number within that year. The issue was then applying a more specific number to that rule ie ‘3.1’ rather than just ‘3’. This definitely took longer than it should have done! My final workflow in Alteryx looked like this:

After finally getting the data in Tableau (without cheating) I was struggling for insights. I then went back into Tableau and used the ‘RegEx’ tool to extract the words ‘Mr Speaker’ from all the rules and count how many times it occurred. In Tableau, I then created decade bins from the date field to count how many times ‘Mr Speaker’ was written within that decade. I used a simple bar chart to show this, labeling the bars and removing the axis. I have also added a heat map to show when ‘Mr Speaker’ is most likely to be written.

My final dashboard is pretty basic and I think it’s fair to say there is definitely more insights to be found within the data! Bring on Day 3- nearly half way!

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