Dashboard week day 3: Let's make DS18 wish they could go on holiday to see the pretty things

by Etienne Soubes-Goldman

For today’s challenge D18 had to web scrape data about world heritage sites from wikipedia.

In all honesty I was happy to have this challenge as I have’t had a chance to practice web scrapping in a while.

The main table on the Wikipedia page to scrape contained records of each country in the world and how many different cultural and natural heritage sites it has.

Within the country name field, each country linked through to it’s own table containing more detail on it’s particular sites.

I after successfully scrapping the main table, I decided it would not be worth trying to also scrape the more detailed tables, since they didn’t contain any information which I was interested in showing in my analysis.

I wanted my analysis to focus on the numbers of sites in different countries, rather than the details of the sites in a country.

So after joining in some additional data about the area of countries and their GDP etc. I made the bold step into power BI…

Who was it who said – ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’

Because boy am I fonder of Tableau.

Though Power BI does have to nice elements such as pretty looking KPIs and occasionally crisp animations, on the whole it was (to me at least) very un-user-friendly. I found myself constantly digging through menus searching for the setting I wanted to change…

Anyhow, I’m fairly pleased with the final result all things considered. Had I had more time I would have done more on the interactivity side of things.

Link to interactive viz below:



Etienne Soubes-Goldman

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