Power BI - DAX

by Francisco Rei

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). DAX formulas include functions, operators, and values to perform advanced calculations and queries on data in related tables and columns in tabular data models.

You have 3 types
Tables | Columns | Measures

Create a Table - 2 Options
Ribbon -> Modeling -> New Table  OR  Ribbon -> Home -> Enter Data

Create a Column
Modeling -> New column

Create Measure
Home/Modeling -> New measure (create calc yourself) OR quick measure (some pre-established measures that you just need to tell which fields you want to use)

When to Use

Table - Store your measures in a single place;
   - Create a Measure Switch (click for blog link on how to do this)
   - Create Dummy Data
   - Role-playing dimensions
Column - Perform a static calculation on existing data that won’t change based on user interactions.
Measure - Perform a dynamic calculation on aggregated data that will respond to user interactions.

*Most of the time you would be creating measures, as it is better for performance*

Thu 02 Nov 2023

Mon 16 Oct 2023