Dashboard Week: Day 1 - Prudential RideLondon

by Fuad Ahmed


I missed the first half of the data but anyhow as I made my way into our new office for the next few weeks I was very impressed by how the rest of the team who had more or less completed the data preparation for our first challenge – gathering all of the data about riders in the 100-mile event from the results website. Since I missed the Alteryx workflow they had created, I was kindly walked through it by Alex HW. It seemed to involve a lot of regex and a few valuable lessons we were taught in web scraping – Click here for more details about the workflow.

After lunch, I spent some time trying to analyse the data the team had gathered. From the offset, it seemed quite difficult to work with as we only had one measure to view (time taken to finish the race). Eventually, I decided to look at the distribution of average finishing times across all age groups. Interestingly, the distribution was fairly consistent across most age groups, I expected the older generation to struggle more. But maybe age really is just a number? I also went on to focus on individual racers, in particular, Carl Allchin & Eva Murray both of whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with and be taught by! I wanted to see how they competed against each other as well as against the rest of the racers that had completed the 100-mile race. Check out the viz below!

Looking forward to the rest of the dashboard week and getting stuck in with some Alteryx tools, for now, I need to prepare for presenting my dashboard, another skill I’m trying to improve!


Mon 20 Aug 2018

Wed 15 Aug 2018