Dashboard week, Day 1: American Household Survey

by Giorgia Umani

Dashboard week has “finally” arrived for DS7 and I must say it was as hard as everyone says!

But what is dashboard week? Every day Andy gives us a data set that we need to clean and prepare in Alteryx and then open it on Tableau and build our dashboard.

Two main things I have learnt from today:

ONE: it is very important to understand the data

The hardest part for me was definitely the Alteryx workflow. After spending the all morning on Alteryx I had to go back and forth between Tableau and Alteryx ( transpose back the dimensions I needed to use as filters) while my story was developing or changing.  This is why the second thing I have learnt today is :

TWO: find the story you want to tell and stick to it

Once you start playing around with the data and you think you have the all day to build a dashboard is easy to change the story you want to tell during the process (especially if you are used to MM) but if there is something I have learnt today was that choosing a story and sticking to it is very important as time is not as much as you think. Plus saves you time on going back to Alteryx every hour !

So these are my lessons learnt from today and here is the dashboard from day 1:



Mon 29 Jan 2018

Mon 18 Dec 2017

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