Data School Reflective Blog

by Giorgia Umani

Since September, my life has changed. A lot. Before this, back in August, I was still a student. You might wonder how much of a different there is between university and the four months training. Well, a lot. The peace is fast (like, very fast) and you must learn how to manage your life, the training, blogging and finding some time to work on your Tableau Public. You will have the opportunity to learn so much, not only about Tableau and Alteryx but on how to maximise all of the working skills that you will need as a consultant.

This is really a great experience, try to make the most out of it. So here are my top lessons learnt in Data School:

  • Always ask questions, you are in the School to learn, take the most advantage of it.
  • It’s the best time to receive and give feedback and work on them.
  • Try to enjoy and make the most of the projects weeks. You are going to work with a real client and you are going to improve most of the skills that you will need in your placement.
  • The way you present your work is important, try to take some time to practice presentation before you meet the client.
  • Don’t compere yourself to others. Look at your achievement, what you have learnt and how you have improved. There is a reason why you are in the School, do not underrate yourself.

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