8 tips for the Alteryx Core Certification exam

by Henry Mak

I passed, woohoo! Here are eight tips for passing the Alteryx Core Certification exam. I hope it helps!

1. Keep an eye on the time

Ensure you have enough time to do the practical and flagged questions. The ideal amount of time to spend on single mark questions is ~1 min to 1.5 min per question.

2. Flag and skip questions that take a long time to answer or are hard

If you can’t answer it quickly and accurately, make a judgement to move on and come back to it later. If the question will take a while to mock the data with the input tool, move on.

3. Read the question very carefully, especially for the practical questions

You may miss out an important detail/requirement in the question leading you to get the wrong answer in your workflow.

4. Speed run the four Core Certification Prep Videos by Alteryx

These videos were useful for preparation although they are each ~1 hour long. If you are short on time and have the ability, I would play these videos at a faster playback speed:


5. Understand the syllabus

Know what tools you will be tested on and to what extent. Understand your weaknesses and make sure you revise them.

6. Channel the inner Google-fu

This exam is open-book so inevitably you will be Googling some answers.

7. Make sure you know which dataset goes with what question

The datasets are not conveniently named and there are quite a few. Make sure that the dataset you have in your workflow is for the correct question.

8. Answer questions by process of elimination

For the multi-select multiple choice questions, if I’m not mistaken, at least two answers are correct. Use this to your advantage to answer and verify by process of elimination.

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