The difference between standard, batch, and iterative macros

by Henry Mak

In last week’s training session with Peter we went over Macros in Alteryx and we discussed the difference between standard, iterative, and batch macros. Let’s get stuck in.

The simplest way to think about the differences is to compare it to washing clothes:

Standard Macro

  • A standard macro is where a process is consolidated into a single tool
  • This is the equivalent of putting all your clothes together in the washing machine

Batch Macro

  • A batch macro is when data is grouped in some way, and the process repeats per group
  • This is the equivalent of sorting your clothes into piles: whites, colours, delicates etc. and washing them separately

Iterative Macro

  • An iterative macro is when the process repeats itself until a specified end point is reached.
  • For those who know a bit of coding, this is analogous to a While statement.
  • This is the equivalent of washing an item of clothing until a tough stain comes out

The diagram below is a summary of the above points:

I hope this helped you. Shout out again to Peter (and others in TIL who have used this analogy in the past) for breaking it down in this way.


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