Tableau Simples #2: Creating Folders for Fields

by Henry Mak

Have you ever had a Tableau workbook that had a crazy amount of fields? Do you want to group these fields together to make things easier for yourself and others? You’ve come to the right place.

Step 1: Ensure that your fields are grouped by folder and not grouped by data source table. Click the drop down menu at the top left of Tableau and click on ‘Group by Folder’.

Step 2: Right click on a field that you want in a folder and navigate to ‘Create Folder…’. Name this folder as you desire and click OK.

Step 3: Select the other field(s) that you want in this new folder. To select multiple fields hold down Ctrl and click on the desired fields.

Step 4: Drag the fields that you want into the newly created folder. Enjoy your neatened workspace.

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