Four time-saving Windows shortcuts that I've learnt during training

by Henry Mak

Shout out to those who introduced me to these time-savers.

Emoji's and symbols on-the-fly 🏃‍♂️💨

  • Windows key + .

With this menu you can quickly type out emoji's and symbols. Before I'd have to Google for it and copy and paste. I find that I use this shortcut quite a lot for the symbols since I often create drill downs.

Snip snip

  • Windows Key + Shift + S

This is an easy way to take a screenshot. Before I would have to press Print Screen, paste to MS Paint, crop if needed, save, and then upload. With this shortcut I can do all of that in a fraction of the time!

Wait don't Ctrl + C, I don't want to erase my current Ctrl + C!

  • Windows Key + V

I know I've been guilty of this. This and sometimes I accidentally overwrite something that I needed later.

Your Clipboard history should show in this window that pops up. Of course, you need to enable the feature first (which I haven't done on this specific computer).

Locked up

  • Windows key + L

Not much needs to be said about this. Why take an extra second to move your mouse to the bottom left, and click 3 times in order to lock your computer?

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