Dashboard Week: Day 2

by Hesham Eissa


Data Preparation

To get the data, we had to web scrape Historic UK website to get all the data for all battle fields in the UK. Webscraping the data was quite challenging because most of the battle fields were structured differently.

To go through that, I had to use many regex tools. Also, many numeric values were formatted differently and repeated several times – given that I was able to get 95% of the numeric values correctly. Here is the workflow needed to webscrape the website:

The Viz

I was out of ideas for this data-set. so I decided to create some kind of a timeline of all battles in the form of circles displayed by years and months. Also, I sized and coloured them based on how many people were involved in the battle. To add more context to the viz, I put summary of all battle fields and more info in the tooltips. Here is my viz:

That was a great Regex experience to me!