My expectations and what I want to get out of The Data School?

by Hesham Eissa

I started my training with The Data School on the 1st of April – one week after Andy tasked each one among my cohort to write a blog about their expectations and what they want to get out of The Data School.

1. Improve my networking skills and meet some awesome people

Sometimes I find it difficult to approach people without having a valid reason to introduce myself – so with The Data School running many events I am hoping to improve my networking skills. I also want to grow my network in the Tableau community and get to know new awesome people.

2. Get better in setting realistic plans based on deadlines

When I use tableau outside The Data School I get to spend a lot of time on design, choosing a specific colour or even a font – this could be a draw back in work environment or in my placements especially when dealing with every day deadlines. Hopefully, being tasked every week to create my #MakeoverMonday viz in one hour combined with clients’ projects, I will be able to have a better understanding of what I can do within a given time frame.

3. Improve my presentation skills

Presenting is something that I’m not quite comfortable doing – so I’m hoping to improve my presentation skills by being pushed out of my comfort zone every week to present.

4. By the end of my training I will be able to do amazing stuff on Tableau and especially on Alteryx

5. I want to improve my teaching skills

6. I am going to have fun! (I am already enjoying every day of it)

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