Alteryx Advanced - A Step Up

by Jenny Martin

Today I decided to give the Alteryx Advanced Exam a shot. I didn’t do much specific preparation, but followed Hanna‘s advice that the best way to practise is to try the real thing.

So how did I do…?

I got 75%. So close, but so far! (The pass mark is 80%)

Considering I know nothing about Gallery and I’ve never used the reporting tools, I think my guessing and googling skills were on top form!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the same excuse for Macros. There are 44 questions in total, 40 are multiple choice, whilst there are 4 practical questions, worth 10 points each. One of these questions required an iterative macro and I just didn’t have time to work it out! Presumably my 1 in 4 chance of guessing the right answer didn’t go so well.

So what’s the plan to pass next time?

First and foremost, I need to practise my macros! Luckily there are plenty of Alteryx Challenges available for this, such as:

Next, I definitely need to do some research into Alteryx Analytics Gallery. Here’s a snippet from their website:

The Alteryx Analytics Gallery is the first analytics cloud platform to recognize that business decision makers expect their business applications to be as engaging as the apps they use at home. The Alteryx Analytics Gallery is a disrupting force by delivering a powerful consumer-based analytics experience that enables organizations to get to the value of Big Data exponentially faster.

Finally, for the reporting tools, I think I’ll be reading through the tool mastery index and looking at the examples for each of the tools:

So if you have any advice to help with my next attempt, then please do get in touch! @JennyMartinDS14